I build a facade of independence,
But my true heart seeps through the cracks.
Blurred vision, deafening cries.
I need you.
I am like a bird, flying away
Before you have a chance to touch me.
I am panic,
Concealing myself from you.
Can you see me?
Staring in the face of apathy
I drown in my own sorrow,
As I lay in my sin.
Suddenly, quietly, clarity visits,
Revealing true, soothing light.
It wraps me up and relaxes my hurt,
I feel a numbing, fluid sensation,
I find myself gasping for you,
Breathing you in, breathing me out.
Can I find you?
You seek me and caress me,
I fall into dreamless love and comfort.
You can see me, because I have found you.

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